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I am Tatiana Reales, Personal Corporate Brand and the leader of a global organization that is a provider of international medical tourism services. We provide comprehensive support, advice and consultations in the performance of medical, dental, bariatric, aesthetic, reconstructive procedures, and more. We will be by your side before, during and after each one of them.
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Caterpillar Package

International medical consulting for your exterior and interior beauty procedures or treatment. We provide you with support before, during and after these; in addition to therapy sessions and training in the inner being with a professional psychologist.

Cocoon Package

All the services included in the Caterpillar Package, but we add an enriching experience that will allow you to know a little more about Cali, its culture and gastronomy.

Butterfly Package

It includes all the services of the Cocoo Package, but we add a day of tourism in the Parque del Café (Colombian coffee axis), located near to Armenia, Quindío; thus giving you a unique experience full of the world-renowned coffee culture of Colombia.

About us

If you are considering traveling to receive treatment in any of the areas of health, I can offer you three wonderful experiences. To help you determine your needs and expectations we have assigned a personalized advisor that will guide you along the way.

Our professionals

My work team is made up of duly certified specialists, who guarantee the medical and legal viability of each of the people who require the procedure; professionally attending to your needs.

With my leadership, and together with a great highly trained team

I seek to positively impact the lives of my clients. That is why I seek to provide support and services in a comprehensive manner. It starts days before the procedures, and continues during it, and throughout the recovery period.

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