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I am Tatiana Reales, Personal Corporate Brand and the leader of a global organization that is a provider of international medical tourism services. We provide comprehensive support, advice and consultations in the performance of medical, dental, bariatric, aesthetic, reconstructive procedures, and more. We will be by your side before, during and after each one of them.

I have a highly trained team with a heart for service. Our goal is to help you enhance the beauty within you, and to complement it with the exterior. We will do this by providing professional services that our VIP medical club offers.

The Tatiana Reales’ VIP doctor club, is the result of an exhaustive search that we have carried out for you. To be part of the VIP club, the professional must meet several quality standards that we have established; Among them we emphasize knowledge, experience, ethics and a heart to help.

If you are considering traveling to receive treatment in any of the areas of health, I can offer you three wonderful experiences. To help you determine your needs and expectations we have assigned a personalized advisor that will guide you along the way.

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To provide advice on international medical tourism, focused mainly on the holistic approach, thus allowing the harmony between the inner and outer beauty of patients. You will be in the hands of medical professionals, health specialists and psychologists that are part of my elite team. The reason for this project will be the continuous monitoring before, during, and after each of the procedures. We will help you to comply with immigration requirements, clarify doubts about procedures, offer you psychological therapy, and wait for you at your destination with our bilingual staff. This will obtain the satisfaction of our clients and contribute to the growth of our organization and help best represent our medical professionals.


We will achieve international recognition in the American continent before 2030, as a leading organization in comprehensive advice on international medical tourism. At our core we will be synonymous with professionalism, honesty, human quality, commitment and focus on service for our patients and our medical professionals.

Corporate Values

We are an organization that works in a responsible and comprehensive manner, that strives to provide you with services with high quality standards; always highlighting and respecting the human side of people, faithfully following our corporate values:


I carry out my activities of comprehensive advice in international medical tourism in a responsible manner, complying with high quality standards, and a respect for human life.


I act with integrity with my patients, collaborators, and medical team; striving to always be reliable and trustworthy.

Respect and dignity

As an organization and corporate personal brand dedicated to providing services related to physical and psychological health, I treat each of our patients with all the respect and consideration they deserve, in a dignified and timely manner.


I strive to be better every day, applying continuous improvement, and maintaining a service with high quality standards.

Service vocation

I am attentive to the needs of my clients and team members, striving to always give them a timely response and to meet and exceed their expectations.

“In the Tatiana Reales organization we are committed to people, to their feelings, to their enthusiasm, and to the most valuable thing they have, which is their life. For this reason we will accompany you, we will take care of you, we will guide you with a generous ear, so that you experience our professionalism, friendliness and service. With us you will not simply have an international medical tourism guide, but a whole experience of internal and external improvement”.

– Tatiana Reales, CEO & Founder

Our team and leadership

We are legally constituted and have a comprehensive work team. We provide unlimited advice, since we have various strategic alliances that contribute to the general needs of our patients; and with wide national and international coverage.

Tatiana Reales - CEO & Founder

Tatiana Reales - CEO & Founder

I am Tatiana Reales, Personal Corporate Brand, CEO and a main shareholder of this great organization. My academic background as a Medical Business Specialist is from the Texas School of Business (http://www.college-universities.com/school-texas-school-of-business.php) in the United States.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the medical field, the one that I have achieved by having worked hand in hand with great Plastic Surgeons as an International Medical Tourism Consultant. My focus in this career has been in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Comprehensive Specialized Dentistry, Bariatric Surgery, as well as Otolaryngology.

With my leadership, and together with a great highly trained team; I seek to positively impact the lives of my clients. That is why I seek to provide support and services in a comprehensive manner. It starts days before the procedures, and continues during it, and throughout the recovery period.

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